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Inca Trail- Machu Picchu, Peru

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Hiking the Inca Trail was one of my favourite parts of the trip and one of the coolest things I've ever done, the trail itself was 4 days and 3 nights, but before we embarked on the trail, our group did a one day tour of the Sacred Valley region where we got to visit a lovely village and witness the process of how they create the lovely garments that are so emblematic of Peru. 
 The fibres are all dyed using the colours from plants and stones found in the region.

After visiting one of the Incan ruins along our Sacred Valley visit, the traffic was insane, and the only way of getting back into the air conditioned bus, was to climb along the edge of a cliff. But our experience with cliff edges didn't end there, the next day as we were driving to the start of the trail we ended up in a  standoff with another truck who refused to back up to let us pass, after 15 minutes of nobody budging, two guys from our group got off the bus and tried to direct the truck. 10 minutes later, we barely squeezed by and the truck had half a wheel off the edge of the cliff.

 I had the pleasure of spending the next 4 days with and amazing group of people and they were honestly some of the loveliest and most amazing  people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. We became like a family those 4 days and they really inspired me to travel more and to be open to new experiences and helped me realize how determination can go a long way in achieving your goals. 

Along the trail, the view were absolutely spectacular as we travelled through rainforest, desert and mountainous regions. My favourite day in terms of scenery was probably the 3rd when we travelled through the cloud forest, being in this cloudy, rich in vegetation area felt very ethereal. 

The view from the Sungate of Machu Picchu at sunrise, the sun shone a single beam, like a flashlight down over the city. 

Once we came down to Machu Picchu we got to explore the ruins, if I'm honest I found it to be very crowded and touristy, which is not usually my scene. However I think the main reason why I really enjoyed it, was because I had the opportunity to travel the trail the Incan's created to get there view ruins along the way which all led up to this massive city, and its when you understand the significance of the ruins that you can really appreciate what they would have been. 

If anyone is every considering doing the Inka trail I would highly recommend it, its a life changing experience that will leave you with lasting memories.  

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