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Cusco, Peru

By 08:22

Cusco was probably one of my favourite cities in Peru that we visited, it was overflowing with culture and there were so many beautiful sights to take in! The main square is the hub of activity and is filled with people dressed in beautiful costumes, amazing restaurants and lots of beautiful cathedrals.

One of the loveliest things about walking around the city was that down every street and alley there was a view of the mountains, beauty everywhere you looked. 

My personal favourite way to experience a city is to just walk down its streets and venture away from the main tourist centre. One thing that I loved was the abundance of markets accessible through large doors and holes in the wall, along different alleys. Theres a certain excitement one gets from discovering something no one else know about. Being that I am a bit of a shopaholic and the fact that we highly underestimated the freezing temperatures of Peruvian winter, one of the first things I did was hit up the market in Cusco. I absolutely love exploring markets and purchasing one of a kind items unique to the country, one particular piece that caught my eye which seemed to be very "on-trend" in backpacker fashion was these super warm and functional alpaca sweaters which seemed to be on every backpackers back, I purchased one and went back and picked up another, because they were so warm and such bargain!

Through one of those gates just off of one of the side streets we discovered a small art museum, and I have to admit, more then the art itself I really enjoyed the garden courtyard in the museum, I am a big sucker for beautifully tiled gardens and old spanish influenced architecture. 

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