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Perú- An Overview

By 19:07

This summer I had the absolute pleasure of visiting Peru, and my oh my what an absolutely amazing country! The people were so welcoming and kind, and the food was so tasty (my mouth still waters at the thought of that ceviche). It was one of those trips that will stay with me forever, I got the pleasure of meeting so many amazing people at each stop along the way, all who inspire me to be a better person and who are all examples of how you can make things happen for yourself if you really try. One of the things that stood out to me the most,  was how diverse the landscape and cultures were as we moved from city to city, throughout the two week trip I visited 6 different cities/ places each so unique from the next. The pictures below each depict different parts of Peru, each place was so special and unique that I plan on creating separate posts about each one in which I want to share more pictures, memories and tips that I hope will be useful if anyone is planning a trip to Peru (which I highly recommend you do), or will inspire you to give visiting a second thought!

Mountains along the Inka Trail

Cusco City 

A village in the Sacred Valley

A caiman on the shore of the Madre de Dios river in Puerto Maldonado
Uros women on one of the thousands of floating islands in Lake Titicaca
The Palacio Legislativo del Perú

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