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The Reality

By 12:24

At the outset of summer I had constructed a list of things I would do, see, read, eat, watch etc. with the full intent of accomplishing everything, however the reality is that with one week left of summer vacation I have successfully completed...no lie... one thing. That also means that I have not done as much blogging as I would have liked to, however after returning from a spectacular trip to Peru, I have an abundance of photos and knowledge which I fully intend to share very soon! Another realization I had was that although I didn't complete a lot of the things the list dictated, I feel as though what I did do was so much more substantial then what I had initially written down on my "SUMMER THINGS" list on my iphone. It was fulfilling in the sense that it really shifted my perspective and mindset. I really feel inspired to travel a lot more, I met so many amazing people, got to spend time with people I care about, and got to experience completely foreign things all which influenced me to take a more "carpe diem" attitude towards life. I want to volunteer, travel,work and I've come to realize that I can achieve it all if I create those opportunities for myself.   As summer draws to a close I really look forward to what school has in store, and the prospects of achieving all that this new mindset has made me ambitious for.

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