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Prom Look

By 11:35

This was my look for prom! It was such a great night and a fun excuse for everyone to get dressed up and to look their finest! The dress is by a company called Eliott (according to the guy at the store it is a French Designer? )! When I was getting the dress I honestly felt like I had one of those "Say Yes to the Dress" moments! I was not sure I would find a dress I would love because I have a tendency to be VERY picky! I was actually out shopping (not for the dress) and we popped into a shop and they happened to have prom dresses, so I thought "what the heck, I'll try some on!". When I saw this one I was instantly hooked but it was the only piece and I thought "knowing my luck this won't fit" but when I tried it on, it fit perfectly! It was exactly what I had wanted in a dress!! Not too much bling, classy, and I have never seen anything like the bottom half! I paired it with some pastel pink/nude heels and a leather clutch! I did my hair and makeup myself, because again I am so picky, I did side swept curls and pinned one side back by twisting it and placing small pearly bobby pins in for decoration! 

These are some of the amazing people who I not only shared a table with , but who I've shared a lot of great high school memories with ! 

My great gorgeous girls! 

I'd love to hear about your prom experience! 

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