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Combating Winter

By 18:52

By most standards, winter in Canada is bad. But the past few weeks it has been really bad, we've had ice storms and -40 degree weather. What that means for me is a lot of time spent indoors, a few weeks ago while rummaging through my basement, I found boxes old clothes. The best thing about fashion is that trends are constantly recycled, all the clothes my parents used to wear when they were younger are in fashion again. Finding new clothes around the house is so thrilling, it's like a successful thrift find from the comfort of your own home. I was able to find some really awesome pieces, such as these vintage Levis jeans, and this cool chequered top.

In this photo:
Top- Cotton World
Pants-Vintage Levis
Headband- Aldo
Boots- Steve Madden
Jacket- Eddie Bauer

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  1. beautiful!

    london, music, fashion, lifestyle

    1. Thank you!! I checked out and followed your blog and I really like that you make alot of music posts as I am always on the hunt for some really awesome new music!