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New Love?

By 16:15

I don't know if designers have been hit by a case of new love, but boyfriends seem to be their latest inspiration. This year we've been hit by a wave of androgynous clothing. And I love it. Boyfriend jeans, boyfriend coats, they're comfy and functional, our dear friend Coco Chanel would've been proud. Ever since I saw someone on the subway with the trademark oversized yet fitted boyfriend coat I've been lusting after one. As for the boyfriend jeans my hunt for the perfect pair still continues. I think this trend is a little more tricky...finding well fitting jeans is a mission in the first place. But with boyfriend jeans, striking that balance between fitted and oversized is nothing short of a challenge.  But they say all good things are worth fighting for, to that I say bring it on!

(pictured above: Boyfriend jeans asos.com) 

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